Posted at June 12, 2019

Did you file your tax returns?

For T&T nationals, filing your tax returns is now easier than ever before. Everything is done online via the Inland Revenue Division’s (IRD) website. Once a user has registered for e-tax, he or she can file their tax returns, view their balance and check the status of refunds, among other services.

To access e-tax you will need to have a ‘ttconnect ID’ number. This can easily be obtained by visiting the IRD’s website and selecting ‘Register as a new user’, then completing the form with the information requested and selecting ‘Register’ at the end.

You will then receive your ttconnect ID number and an email with instructions on how to activate it.

At this point you will need to visit anyone of the ttconnect service centres (call 800-8826 for nearest location), providing them with the following :-

  • Two(2) forms of national ID
  • Proof of your BIR number
  • Your ttconnect ID number

To contact ttconnect, call 800-TTCN (8826) or email

Once you have completed the above steps, you can conveniently login via the IRD’s website here to access the e-tax service using your ttconnect ID number and password.

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