Posted at December 26, 2017

How to post an AD

Posting an ad is easy and can be done directly from your mobile phone. Simply use your phone to take pictures of whatever you would like to sell. Then click on the plus sign located at the bottom right hand corner of your phone’s screen. You will be asked to log in, using your username and password. Click register and fill out the form to create your connellit classifieds account and begin posting your ads. You can also ask questions, make comments and post in the blog.

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  • Jenny Gen Jun 09TH, 2018

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  • Tony Verron Feb 09TH, 2018

    I really like this, it very easy to put up ads. After i register i had to log into my email to use the secure link they send inorder to activate my classifieds account. Facebook. BTW i use online surveys to make a lil something extra each month.

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